WI State Supreme Court Hears Concealed Carry Ban on City Buses 0

Wisconsin Supreme Court

MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin Supreme Court has accepted the case regarding Madison’s rule that bans concealed carry on city buses.

Justices will also take up the case of Wisconsin Carry, Inc. v. City of Madison. Wisconsin Carry, a gun rights advocacy group, is challenging a city of Madison rule that bans someone from carrying a weapon on a city bus.Wisconsin Carry contends that state law preempts an agency of a local unit of government from regulating the carrying of firearms.

In a decision issued in August, the appeals court wrote that the statute, as written, plainly preempts only ordinances and resolutions, but the bus rule is a policy and not an ordinance or resolution as those terms are defined by case law.

Wisconsin Carry, a gun rights advocacy group, is appealing a decision by the state 4th District Court of Appeals that upheld a lower court ruling which stated that a city of Madison policy banning guns on city buses does not violate Wisconsin’s concealed carry law.