Virginia Man Robbed Of Firearm While Open Carry 0

Concealed CarryNEWPORT NEWS, VA – Police are investigating the robbery of a handgun after a male reported he was forced to the pavement and his handgun stolen .

Officers responded to a report of the robbery in the 6000 block of Jefferson Avenue just before 8 p .m . Jan . 29 , according to police spokesman Harold Eley .

The victim , a 37-year-old Hampton man , informed law enforcement officials he was robbed as he crossed across Jefferson Avenue to the parking lot at the Windsor House after visiting a friend. Police said He was carrying his handgun in a holster , open carry , on his hip.

The victim explained he was approached from behind by two men , and one of them demanded his weapon . The second man reached for the firearm from the holster and shoved him to the ground . Each of the men fled on foot southbound in the direction of the trailer parks , Eley said.

The robbers are identified as black males . One was approximately 6 feet tall dressed in a puffy black-colored jacket and a black beanie . The second was roughly 5 feet , 6 inches tall with short dreads . He was wearing a gray zip up light weight jacket and red shoes.

Any individual with information which could aid in the investigation should phone the anonymous Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP .

Got to any forum or social media site and there are differing views on Open vs Concealed carry. There is no question each has its advantage and disadvantages. But regardless of your decision, retention of any firearm is critical to your safety and responsibility when carrying a gun. While carrying concealed is no guarantee your weapon will not be spotted and you become over powered, it certainly does give you a better chance of surprise. Jerry Miculek has a good video discussing the dos and don’t of open vs. concealed carry.