Sig Sauer US CEO Arrested for Export Violations

Kiel, Germany – The managing director of the US sister company of the weapon manufacturer Sig Sauer, Ron Cohen, was arrested in October in Germany. He was released after two weeks against payment of a bail of five million euros back from pre-trial detention, confirmed a spokesman for the prosecutor Kiel on Friday information from the research network of NDR, WDR and “S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung”.

Since August 2018, a Europe-wide arrest warrant has been issued against the 57-year-old arms dealer. Cohen was arrested in Frankfurt and transferred to Kiel. The public prosecutor’s office Kiel is responsible, since Sig Sauer has its seat in Eckernf├Ârde in Germany.

The prosecution filed a lawsuit in April against Cohen and four other Sig Sauer executives. They are said to have delivered more than 30,000 pistols to the US and from there to what was then the civil war country of Colombia. Sig Sauer is said to have made false figures for export licenses from 2009 to 2012.

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