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Northern Tool and Equipment Company has started to include firearms accessories in its product line.  The company is noted for manufacturing products and tools that are less expensive than most competitors.  Many of the products are produced overseas in China, but other sources are also used.  Northern Tools also manufactures many products in the United States. From

The company builds a lot of its products at a 250,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Faribault, Minn. The Hoover store includes a service center for product repairs.

It is interesting to see that Northern Tool is expanding its line into utilitarian gun accessories.  They have several items in their lineup that are aimed at guns used as self defense tools, including the new Tee Shirt holster shown above.  From Their “Packing Tee page”:

Feel free to exercise your Second Amendment rights! Now you can conceal and carry your trusty handgun without the restricting discomfort of a typical holster. The Packin’ Tee T-shirt uses a heavy-duty hook-and-loop fastening system with attachment strips on both sides of the shirt, coupled with your choice of small or large black holster (right- or left-handed, sold separately, see below), to secure the pistol at your side. No need to wear jackets or bulky outerwear to conceal your weapon. Extra-long T-shirt is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton with reinforced mounting pads, shoulder and arm holes to prevent sagging. Holsters sold separately; order by the hand that you draw with (using cross draw). T-shirt sizes: M–3XL; order compression fit for gun’s stability.

Northern Tool and Equipment Company is described by here:

Northern Tool & Equipment Company, Inc. retails and distributes various tools and equipment to industrial sized companies, small shops, and do-it-yourselfers.

For the last 50 years gun accessories have tended to be available from companies that were either firearms or sports oriented.  It is notable that a tool outfit is including these items in their product line.  There may be a number of specialty items that would be profitable for Northern Tool.    Perhaps heavy duty target stands;  or simple, lockable gun racks.

Here is one that I have not seen elsewhere, but which could prove useful. From Northern Tool online:

  • Fully adjustable nylon strap fits nearly all vehicles and the holster features a quick release buckle.
  • Small/Medium size fits .22, .25, .380 and small 9mm guns

These products from Northern Tool show how the new media is reasserting the gun culture as American culture.  Guns and ammunition were commonly available in hardware stores when I was growing up.  I could buy ammunition nearly anywhere, and a discount furniture store had barrels of Springfield surplus 03A3 rifles for sale at $29.95.

All that changed in the 1960s as the elite decided that Americans must be disarmed, and pushed through the 1968 gun control act on a wave of emotional appeals and media hype.  Crime rates skyrocketed; it is only now, after 20 years of success in restoring gun carry rights across the country, that murder rates are returning to the levels of the mid-1960s.

We still have a long way to go.  I want to see gun mufflers available in hardware stores, for sale across the counter, just as they are in New Zealand.

Remove the idiotic and draconian restrictions on gun mufflers in a reform of the National Firearms Act, and maybe Northern Tool will offer simple and effective .22 gun mufflers for $29.95.

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