New Jersey Police Arrest Actor During Filming For Fake Weapon 0



Comedian and actor Carlo Bellario was arrested while shooting a low-budget film in residential Woodbridge, New Jersey last November.

A comedian who earned a supporting role in an independent film was arrested for weapons charges after police responded to the scene where the actor, Carlo Bellario, was playing the role of a bodyguard for a drug dealer.

 The scene appeared so real, in fact, that neighbors called the police when they eyed the suspicious-looking scene and when police arrived, they found that Bellario was in possession of a realistic-looking airsoft gun that shoots little plastic BBs.

Bellario is a comedian who took the role for free so as to get an entrance into the film industry and an entry into the Internet Movie Database.

Neighbors called police about the tough guy with a (fake) gun. When police arrived, instead of laughing-off the misunderstanding, they arrested Bellario for weapons possession under New Jersey’s draconian anti-Second Amendment laws and the actor was held for four days in lockup and finally released on a $10,000 bail.

It was not until police arrived that Bellario discovered that the producers did not have a permit for filming. Instead of operating with a modicum of common sense, police insisted that they needed to arrest Bellario who was in possession of a toy gun that shoots plastic BBs.

Bellario started a GoFundMe page to raise money for his newfound legal troubles.