Missouri Area Gun Store See’s Huge Jump in Demand for AR-15s 0

AR-15sCARTHAGE, MO – Liberty Tree owner, Eli Bruton, says since the San Bernardino mass shooting, business has been booming.
“This has been our busiest time for gun sales. I think part of it is motivated by the holiday season, but a lot of it is motivated by things in the news,” said Eli Bruton, Liberty Tree owner.
Following what happened in California, Congressional Democrats introduced a bill to ban manufactured weapons. The proposal would put new restrictions on the sale of existing assault weapons. Gun shop owners say after people heard about the proposed ban, there was a rush to purchase AR-15’s.
“Yesterday morning, the shelf behind me was entirely bare, all my inventory had been bought out and I couldn’t buy more AR-15’s style rifles from any distributors. I managed to get the last few,” Bruton explained.
In addition to the increase in rifle sales, Bruton says he is also seeing an increase in carry and conceal classes he offers.
“People are not only wanting to get personal defense training with a hand gun, but rifles as well. So it’s definitely at an all time high,” said Bruton.