Louisiana Church Offers Concealed Carry Course To Members 0


SHREVEPORT, LA – Shreveport church believes in being proactive in offering an 8 hour Concealed Carry Class for it’s members.

Sunday school teacher, David Hale says “My hope personally is to make a safer place for our families to worship”.

The church asked Jeremy Haas of ARCS Self Defense to teach the firearms safety class that is required by Louisiana law. The members that decide to be they are willing to be that line of defense have to gain permission from the church before taking a gun to church and pass the training class.

Haas told the class, “The mental challenge is also there too with the prospect of taking a life if needs be. You really have to go home and be very honest with yourself and ask yourself am I prepared to do this.”

Hale replied to this and said “I” use my pastors words and he says we need to be proactive not reactive in the world we live in.”

Haas said “We are the first line of defense, we may be the only thing standing between the bad guy and the kids in a Sunday school class.” “We are seeing more and more people approach us for classes after gaining their Churches permission to be that first line of defense.”

The class is taught at ARCS Self Defense training studio where Haas also teaches other self defense techniques such as Krav Maga a very popular class.