Georgia Woman Holds Suspected Burglar for Police with .45

Tifon, GA  – A local woman confounded a would-be burglar who she caught going through her vehicle Dec. 12.

The woman was leaving Tifton CrossFit when she saw the alleged thief, Jeffrey Lee Smith, 40, going through her vehicle.

The intended victim, who was armed with a .45, fired a warning shot and held Smith at gunpoint until police arrived.

Smith was placed in police custody and taken to the county jail.

Five vehicles were burglarized over the past two weeks in Tifton, with valuables and money that were left in the vehicles being stolen.

The first incident was reported Dec. 11, and according to the police report a passenger side window was busted and a GPS unit was stolen.

The second incident was reported Dec. 12. An unlocked vehicle was burglarized, with pain pills and $60 in cash being taken.

There was no sign of forced entry in the third incident, which was reported on Dec. 13. An iPad mini and $7 in cash were taken from the vehicle during the night.

Two more unlocked vehicles were burglarized, according to police reports filed on Dec. 14 and Dec. 15. $100 in cash was taken from a purse left in the vehicle on Dec 14, and an iPad was stolen according to the report filed on Dec. 15.