Fed Circuit Court Deals Blow to D.C. One-Gun-A-Month Law 0

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The Federal D.C. Circuit has declined to rehear the case challenging the District’s gun registration laws. This now confirms an earlier ruling that struck down a requirement for gun owners to re-register firearms every three years and a prohibition on registering more than one handgun per month.

The case was brought against the city by gun owner Dick Heller, who previously saw success in challenging D.C. gun laws when a prior lawsuit led to the landmark 2008 Supreme Court ruling that overturned the District’s 32-year ban on virtually all handgun ownership.

Stephen Porter Halbrook, the attorney representing Mr. Heller, said his is “very happy” with the latest ruling.

“D.C. did nothing to justify any law enforcement or public safety value of those things,” Mr. Halbrook said of the provisions that were struck down in the initial ruling.

The ruling does keep in place however six registration provisions that Mr. Heller was unsuccessful in overturning. Those include registration requirements for long guns; fees assessed for registration; the requirement that owners pass a safety training class; and three separate requirements that gun owners appear in person at headquarters, be fingerprinted, and photographed to register.