Father Uses Handgun Against Masked Hammer Wielding Home Invasion 0

hammer-attackCOLUMBUS, OH – A father and son were woken up around 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning, by home invaders they say we’re attempting to kill them.

“I opened my bedroom door to go out, and I took two steps and they busted the door in, and three rushed in with one of them I saw had a hammer and they had masks and gloves and a bag full of something else heavy,” says Cody Howell, “and I’m fighting them all off cause I didn’t want to get hit by that hammer, and somehow I managed to fight that hammer away so they tried suffocating me, they were holding me down, holding my nose and my mouth shut so I couldn’t yell, but again I just kept fighting cause I felt like they were trying to kill me so I fought harder than I’ve ever fought before, and it was just one guy in the end, I bear hugged him as much as I could to keep him from going after dad and eventually they all ran out. By the end of it I saw what happened…. there was a blood stain and a hammer was right there next to the wall.”

“I come out and this one little one come tried to attack me and I took him out right away, one in the white shirt tried attacking me from the side, tried choking me and that kind of stuff,” says Shawn Howell,”Next thing you know he loses power and I jump up to get up and ready to start cleaning clocks but I just darted into my room..I come out and they were flying out the door so fast, I never seen anybody run so fast in my life… they knew what was coming, they knew I was going for a gun.”

Columbus Police have confirmed that officers responded to a home invasion near Wagners Lake, where two men were attacked just before the three o’clock hour Saturday morning and later transported to the Columbus Community Hospital.  Police officials say the suspects have not yet been identified and the motive is undetermined, but help from the public in identifying them is welcome. The case remains under investigation.

Shawn Howell says when he followed the attackers out a back door, he saw the lights of their vehicle turn on behind the garage.

Shawn Howell says, “to go running out there in my bare feet in the snow and the ice, skid across the street and shoot at these guys… it’s a white SUV like a Chevy Tahoe or something like that, mid 90s.”

Howell says he shot multiple bullets at the tailgate to mark the vehicle.

The two say they are taking a class to get their concealed carry permits, later this January, but say living in a beautiful neighborhood across from a golf course, across from a park, they wouldn’t suspect they would be a victim of attack, but say anyone’s vulnerable at any time.

“Anybody that’s willing and wanting to conceal carry can actually stand up and have a fighting chance, when an assailant comes in, thinking he’s got all these people he can mow down,  and you got people pointing [guns] back at him, well he’s not going to have much of a chance.” Shawn Howell says,”People need to go back to being Americans and not only stand up for themselves, but our police officers, our friends, our families, our neighbors, our people we don’t know next to us you know, gives us a fighting chance.”