D.C. City Council Ask Congress To Take Away 2A Rights 0


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Washington, D.C. City Council unanimously passed a resolution urging Congress to impose “sensible and comprehensive gun control” in a city that already has some of the nation’s most onerous anti-gun laws, and the crime that naturally follows those left defenseless by such laws.

Ironically, just seven years after the U.S. Supreme Court restored the Second Amendment rights of D.C. residents—and on the 224th anniversary of ratification of the Bill of Rights—the District saw fit to turn back the clock, noting in its symbolic legislation that 51 percent of residents surveyed would like to see the city re-impose its total handgun ban.

The Resolution was introduced by Councilmember David Grosso. Grosso was the councilman who also introduced legislation to legalize marijuana in the District. The City Council cites a newspaper poll of a thousand people, Billionaire Bloomberg Anti-Second Amendment groups and  flawed statistics as reasons why D.C. citizens should have their Constitutional rights taken away.

The Council finds that:

(1) In District of Columbia v. Heller, 128 S. Ct. 2783 the Supreme Court recognized the right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment, however it acknowledged that this right is not absolute and is not a right and keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.

(2) A poll conducted by The Washington Post showed that 51% of 1,005 District residents support reinstating a ban on handgun ownership in the District of Columbia.

(3) According to an Urban Institute study, 54% of D.C. public and public charter schools had at least one gunshot fired with in 1,000 feet of the school during 2011-2012.

(4) Everytown for Gun Safety reports that there have been 161 incidences of school shootings across the nation since 2013.

(5) According to the Brady Campaign, every day 89 people die from gun violence and 208 people are shot and survive.

(6) Child-involved shootings have resulted in hundreds of child fatalities and have 52 made American children nine times more likely to die in gun accidents than children anywhere 53 else in the developed world.

(7) Since 2007, U.S. gun manufacturers have more than doubled their output.

(8) The U.S. ranks first in gun ownership per capita, with roughly 270 million firearms, or 89 firearms per 100 residents, according to the Small Arms Survey 2011.

(9) In the past 349 days of the year, there have been 355 mass shootings to include the recent tragedies in Charleston, South Carolina, Roseburg, Oregon and San Bernadino, California.

(10) Exposure to violence of all types, including gun violence, has devastating psychological consequences and long-term negative physical health consequences.

(11) Existing federal legislation is woefully inadequate.

While even D.C.’s police chief admits a gun may be victims’ best defense, city council busies itself issuing resolutions that read like press releases dashed off by the gun-ban lobby—further proof of how insulated and uninterested they really are about fighting crime or protecting good people.