BulletSafe Shipping Bulletproof Baseball Cap 0

bulletproof-baseball-cap-9BulletSafe, the company that last year introduced a $299 Level IIIA bulletproof vest is now introducing a bulletproof baseball cap.  The cap, which offers frontal protection, isn’t meant to replace a ballistic helmet, but is instead meant to be worn all of the time.

“This cap gives increased protection without intimidation.  It’s a discreet way for officers to be a little bit safer and aligns with community policing practices.”  Said Tom Nardone of BulletSafe.
Will officers like the hat?  Will they wear it?  Will departments buy them?  These are all questions that will affect the future of this product.  The hats are comfortable, discreet, professional, and inexpensive.  They are comfortable because the hard ballistic panel rests upon the wearer’s forehand and weighs about 7 ounces.  They are discreet, with no real difference between the bulletproof hat and a premium fitted baseball cap.  They are also fairly inexpensive.  The retail price will be just $129.

Frequently Asked Questions about the BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap:

  • Why do we make a bulletproof baseball cap? People in dangerous jobs need protection, and dangerous situations need less aggression. The BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap offers discreet protection while looking professional and approachable. It’s a great way for people to stay safe.
  • Will the hat be available in custom designs? We are happy to make custom bulletproof hats for your organization. We suggest a minimum order size of 10 hats. The lead time is not too long, typically 3-4 weeks total time. There is an additional cost which varies depending on how much labor is involved for us. The simplest way to handle this is if you currently have hats, to arrange to have your hat company send new hats to us. We are fastest at modifying other hats to be bulletproof.
  • Are the hats available in custom colors? We keep black hats in stock and ready to ship. If you need a custom color available as a custom order of 10 or more hats. We will be rolling out custom colors in the near future.
  • Won’t the force from the impact kill you? The amount of energy in a handgun round is high, but not as high as some people seem to believe. A .45ACP has about 450 Joules of energy. A hockey snapshot has about 240. So the amount of impact you would feel is on the order of twice the impact of being hit in the helmet with a hockey puck. Is that enough to give you a concussion? likely. It is certainly in that range, but a concussion would be a welcome outcome when compared to the damage a bullet would do to the same area without protection. A gunshot to the forehead is almost certainly fatal without this cap.
  • Will the hat protect the side and rear of your head? No. The protective panel only covers the front. It covers roughly 33% of the inside of the hat.
  • Why won’t it protect the front and rear? There are two answers. The first has to do with discretion. The idea behind the project is to project a friendly appearance and if you cannot hid the ballistic panel, that won’t happen. The second has to do with fitting different people’s heads. Protecting the sides and back of different people’s heads makes a helmet. Those already exist.
  • How does it work? We are essentially using materials that would normally be used to stop rifle rounds to create a small panel which will stop handgun rounds. This isn’t magic. It is just good material science.
  • How was the hat be tested? The hat was tested at Oregon Ballistics Laboratory in accordance with the frontal portion of the National Institute of Justice’s helmet standard. The hat passed NIJ level IIA test.
  • What caliber will the hat stop? The hat offers level IIA protection which includes .22LR, .38, .380, .40, 9mm and .45ACP rounds.

Tom Nardone, President of BulletSafe is available at 1-800-809-0610 or [email protected]