Virginia Delegate Les Adams Fights Attorney General Reciprocity Decision 0

va-delegate-les-adamsCHATHAM, VA – Chatham Delegate Les Adams will introduce a bill next month restoring universal reciprocity between Virginia and thirty other states in the US that allow gun-owners to get conceal carry permits.

Last week, Attorney General Mark Herring announced Virginia would no longer honor out-of-state concealed carry handgun permits from more than two dozen states. Herring says that’s because their laws are not sufficient to prevent someone who is disqualified under Virginia law from receiving a concealed handgun permit. Adams believes the attorney general is overstepping his bounds and says he isn’t certain Herring has the authority to take such action, calling it “shameful.”

The 25 states that will no longer have permits recognized in Virginia include North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee. Because of laws requiring mutual recognition of permits, Virginia concealed carry permits are no longer recognized in seven states. Adams’ bill would restore those mutual agreements.

Danville Delegate Danny Marshall plans to support the legislation, and says “hopefully we will try to get this fixed when we get to session next month.” He feels confident the bill will pass the House and Senate, but will face opposition from Governor Terry McAuliffe.